Magical Ingredients

The following is a short list of different ingredients used in magic spells and potions as well as what they represent. Be on the look out for a part 2.

Cinnamon (spice)
Ruler: Mercury 
Form: powder, sticks, oil
Represents: speed, prosperity, attraction, victory
     A favorite of many deities, cinnamon is a great ingredient for magic and offerings. Dust your hands with cinnamon or add cinnamon oil to your bath at sunrise to increase your chances of winning and victory. Chewing cinnamon can spark creativity. Rubbing cinnamon oil on the bottom of your feet before getting out of bed has been known to lead you to money. Adding cinnamon in any form to potions or spells can bring on faster results. 

Honeysuckle (plant)
Ruler: Mercury
Form: flower and oil
Represents: happiness, affection, tenderness, sweetness
     To increase creativity keep honeysuckle flower with you. Its also known to bring better communication. Sucking on honeysuckle nectar can increase inspiration. When rubbed on an orange or yellow candle and burned it can create a perfect environment for a creative brainstorm. When put on a green candle it can create an environment for money and business ideas.

Lavender (plant)
Ruler: Venus
Form: flower and oil
Represents: purity, serenity, grace, calmness
     Lavender has a reputation for its calming and relaxing effects. Adding lavender flowers and oil to a bath can help to destress you. Adding lavender to other ingredients creates some amazing results. Lavender, rose, and mint can make powerful love attraction spells. Brewing a lavender and chamomile tea can help fight insomnia. To heal love, mix lavender with rose and lemon. Burning lavender with rue is great for protection. Rub the oil on your wrists to help relieve stress before an important event. 

Roses (flower)
Ruler: Venus
Form: flower, oil, thorn
Represents: love, purity, friendship, appreciation
     Generally used as a scent to attract love and admiration. Keep fresh roses and change out every Friday to promote love. Brew rose tea to increase your passion. Add rose petals, rose water, and rose oil to your bath to heighten sexuality. 
     Red- love
     White- purity
     Yellow- friendship
     Pink- appreciation 

Rosehip (plant)
Ruler: Sun
Form: Seed and oil
Represents: health, wealth, prosperity 
     Eating rosehip is known to promote good health and lift your spirits. Add it to money spells to lead you to a fulfilling career. Rub the oil on your skin to increase your chances of success. 

Rosemary (herb)
Ruler: Jupiter
Form: fresh, dried, oil
Represents: remembrance, love, loyalty, happiness 
     Witches favorite herb and has a long history of being used to counter bad spells. Hang fresh rosemary in your home to dispel negative intentions. Carry dried rosemary with you for protecting. Adding to food can improve memory and increase clarity. Put the oil on a yellow candle and burn it on Thursdays to improve grades and studying. 

Salt (mineral)
Ruler: Earth
Form: coarse and fine
Represents: permanence, loyalty, durability, purification 
     Salt is essential for life and represents prosperity. It can be used for cleansing as its believed to absorb negative energies. Sprinkling salt in doorways, windows, and in the corners of your home can dispel negativity as well as taking salt baths. Use it to purify and create a sacred circle for magic. Mix with other ingredients for a boost.
     White salt- purification
     Black salt- protection
     Himalayan- grounding

Thyme (herb)
Ruler: Venus
Form: fresh, dried, oil
Represents: courage, chivalry, awareness
     Adding to food can increase awareness, sight, and memory. Bathing in the oil after contact with death can cleanse and renew you. Thyme can call forward the angelic forces to aid. Use in love spells to bring about gentleness and understanding.

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