30 Day Empowerment Challenge

This 30-day empowerment challenge was developed from my 6 Steps to Empowerment blogs to help guide you through your healing journey. Read each blog for a better understanding of how to complete some of the challenges below. I have attached PDF downloads containing lists and other resources to reference throughout the challenge. Book an appointment with me for energy work and one-on-one guidance.

Days 1-5 are from step 1 – accomplishment (routine). Each days’ challenge should be repeated throughout the entire challenge. This will help you to develop a routine.

Days 6-10 are from step 2 – focus (joy). These can be customized to things that you find joyful. For example, if you enjoy the outdoors, do something outside instead. The goal here is for you to focus on things that make you happy.

Days 11-15 are from step 3 – freedom (boundaries). These might be really easy or really hard. Communicating your needs and setting boundaries are necessary. Remember to keep up your routine and do things you enjoy doing.

Days 16-20 are from step 4 – rebuild (shadow-work). Working on yourself can be frustrating but it’s extremely rewarding. Healing the hidden parts of yourself will help you respond to cycles in healthier ways.

Days 21-25 are from step 5 – growth (accountability). Continuing to build yourself back up also requires accountability for the role you play in your life. It is essential for getting out of any toxic cycles you may find yourself in.

Days 26-30 are from step 6 – empowerment (validation). These last days are about reflection, celebration, and gratitude. You did it! Take notes, journal, and take pictures. Repeat the challenge and compare your notes and photos each time to see your growth!

Day 1Make your bedDay 16Inner child exercise
Day 2Drink 8 glasses of waterDay 17Reverse negative self-talk
Day 330 minutes of light exerciseDay 18Feeling feelings
Day 4Create a daily to-do list Day 19Reflect and adjust
Day 5Do something funDay 20Affirmations
Day 630-minute crafts Day 21Accountability
Day 7Car karaoke Day 22What part did you play?
Day 8Play a gameDay 23How can you avoid it?
Day 9Make a silly videoDay 24Reclaim your power
Day 10Dance to your favorite songDay 25Apologize to and forgive yourself
Day 11Say “no” if you don’t want to goDay 26Make plans and set goals
Day 12Communicate your needsDay 27Gratitude journaling
Day 13Reclaim your time and energyDay 28Take a selfie
Day 14Check your support systemDay 2930-minute meditation
Day 15Self-love checkDay 30Celebrate

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