6 Steps to Empowerment

Chaotic Serendipity


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“Chaos is behavior so unpredictable it appears random.”

What if you are right here, right now, for a reason? What if I told you that even if you could alter the past you would still be here reading this right now?

“Serendipity is an unplanned yet fortunate discovery.”

By harnessing the power of positivity, gratitude, acceptance, and self-love, you can experience serendipity while welcoming every chaotic turn. Here you can learn to find order in the chaos, see predictability in seemingly random events, and bring freedom to discovery. Sound impossible? It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy either. This is why I developed this space full of information, resources, guidance, and empowerment. You’re not alone!

“Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.”

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Step 1 – Accomplishment (routine)

While we already know that life is chaotic and there is nothing we can do about that as a whole, we can do little things that bring us a sense of control within our own lives. Setting a routine is a great way to achieve that. It can be a small routine or a big routine. Whatever you can manage is what you start with. I started with making my bed every morning. That was never something that did regularly. The way I saw it was that if everything throughout my day went wrong, well at least I did one thing right by making my bed. That tiny feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day changed the way I would go into the next day, and the next day, and it kept going until I was able to add more to my routine and create more accomplishments. The trick is to focus on what you did and can accomplish. Not what you didn’t or should have accomplished. It sounds easy but put into practice can be tough. It’s the beginning of a mindset shift to change your perspective. Read More

Step 2 – Focus (joy)

Identify what brings you joy. Now that you have a routine started and are feeling accomplishment you can start to focus on your environment. What brings you joy? Do you enjoy being artistic? Running? Cooking? Talking to people? Whatever it is focus on those things. What disrupts your joy? Is it clutter? Is it a negative person? Is it a toxic environment? Do away with those things. It might be easy for some things and harder for others. It can also take a bit of time but it is necessary. Then you can add joyful things into your routine. When you add joy to your routine you begin to associate those joyful feelings with the feelings of accomplishment from the routine. Read More

Step 3 – Freedom (boundaries)

One of the hardest things to do is to set boundaries and consequences when crossed. It’s even harder to follow through with those consequences. Communication is key here. You only have to explain yourself once. Clearly state what your boundaries are and what the consequences are if they’re crossed. Follow through when tested. The right people will respect your boundaries without question. The wrong people will invalidate you and test you. This is not to say that mistakes don’t happen. It boils down to understanding and respect vs. someone taking advantage and playing mind games. You are who you surround yourself with so choose people who make you feel understood, comfortable, and validated. You may end up with only 1 person in your circle but that is okay. This step is important before moving on to step 4 where there will be a lot of self-reflection so a healthy support system, big or small, is needed. Read More.

Step 4 – Rebuild (shadow work)

This is arguably the hardest step. This is where you need to really look inwards. How do you react to triggers? What are your toxic traits? Do you care for and love yourself? Are you allowed to make mistakes? Do you feel comfortable asking and answering questions? What motivates your decisions? What stops you from doing things you want to do? What should you not do that you currently do? Keep asking yourself these kinds of questions and take notes. Really. Write this stuff down on paper. bring that focus onto how your mind is working. Is it working with you or against you? Counter any negative thoughts with positive ones. If you tend to beat yourself up for making mistakes, focus on that and start countering those thoughts with thoughts of understanding that you can do better next time. Read More.

Step 5 – Growth (accountability)

Identify your toxic traits and work on changing them to positive ones. Understanding and developing yourself is important. Through years of abuse and trauma, I picked up a few toxic traits. We all have a few. Some are worse than others. After getting through shadow work it should be easy now to identify those traits within yourself. Now is the time to take steps to change them. Figure out if you need to add or take out anything from your routine or possibly set some boundaries within yourself to create change. Whatever you have to do to limit your own toxic behaviors. This is growth. You can only control yourself. Read More.

Step 6 – Empowerment (validation)

Now is the easy part. Now you should feel empowered. You can maintain the illusion of control in a chaotic world. You can find serendipity in otherwise overlooked moments. You can be proud of your accomplishments, you have the right focus, boundaries are set for others and yourself, you have a support system, and you know how to rebuild and grow. That is empowerment. Life has ups and downs. It’s constantly changing and so are the people with it. Your environment, your mindset, and your ability to focus on and control what you can control means everything. Read More.

Basic Energy Work
  • 2 Weeks
  • * 2 weeks containing 4 one hour scheduled sessions
  • * Cleansing, protection, and healing care package (value of $50)
  • * Divination readings (tarot and oracle).
  • * Meditation and breathwork guidance.
  • * Sound baths.
  • * Structured advice, tools, resources, and empowerment.
Advanced Energy Work
  • 1 Month
  • * 1 month containing 10 one hour scheduled sessions
  • * One-on-one guidance through my 6 Steps to Chaotic Serendipity
  • Also Including
  • * Cleansing, protection, and healing care package (value of $50)
  • * Divination readings (tarot and oracle).
  • * Meditation and breathwork guidance.
  • * Sound baths.
  • * Structured advice, tools, resources, and empowerment.

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