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*Disclaimer* The information on this page is intended for mature audiences (18+). If you are new to this industry I recommend doing your research before starting. Never feel pressured to be or stay in this line of work. Do not poach others clients. Do not spam or scam. Seek out other tools, resources, and communities that can help you succeed.


Onlyfans is one of my personal favorites. They have truly made the platform user-friendly throughout the years. Some of my favorite features are the scheduled posts and messages, media vault, and lists. When you are managing accounts across multiple platforms, these features are a huge time saver. Being able to have multiple accounts on Onlyfans is great too because it allows you to have a free and paid account. Having a free SFW account can be great for promoting and showing a different side to yourself. Onlyfans takes 20% of your income which is lower than most other NSFW-friendly platforms. They allow creators to cash out at $20 which again is lower than most other NSFW platforms. They also do age verification. When experiencing any issues or glitches, Onlyfans has an easy-to-use report system that allows you to receive answers to your questions from a real person in a reasonable amount of time. Cross-promote your other socials by linking them to your profile. With the launch of their SFW app OF.tv creators now have more of an opportunity to advertise and be spotlighted by uploading SFW videos and tutorials on their OF.tv app.


Sextpanther is a great place to bring your chatty clients. Not only that but it is a great place to connect with new ones. Sextpanther allows you to create a unique profile and post content. You can post free or paid content on your profile. Sextpanther has an explore page that allows you to post free content once an hour to draw in new clients. When you create your account Sextpanther will allow you to set up a fake phone number that will be linked to your phone. You will receive messages on the site and through text messages if you turn the setting on. This allows you to have conversations with clients without having to be on the site the whole time. Sextpanther allows you to set your prices for multiple forms of communication. You can choose to turn features off if you do not wish to offer them. Set prices per text message, photo, video, and call. When you are having a conversation you are given the option to set prices for media sent. Users will have to pay that price to unlock it. Calls and video chats are charged by the minute and the prices are set by you. Connect your account to Twitter for easy cross-promoting. Sextpanther will allow you to share your posts to Twitter as well as allow you to easily share your profile link to Twitter. Don’t waste time chatting for free when this platform makes it easy and fun to monetize it.


Fambase is a newer NSFW-friendly app. It is available in the app stores which is not common for NSFW platforms. Fambase is simply a group chat and live streaming app. They allow you to create a profile with a photo and bio, but they do not allow you a space for posting content. They also do not have a discover page. When you join you can create a group and invite people. Your group is custom to you and your style. Live streaming allows your group members to watch and send gifts. These gifts are how you monetize on the app. Fambase takes 30% of your income and requires a minimum $50 withdrawal minimum. Finding and joining promo groups is a great way to learn, ask questions, promote, network, and connect with others. Fambase allows you to lock your lives and set a minimum gift for users to be able to join and watch your live shows. Utilize the app more by selling your photos and videos as well as 1on1 video calls.


My second personal favorite platform for selling content. ManyVids has many features. Create a profile and post content. ManyVids also has a discover page allowing you opportunities for more engagement. You can create a free profile, a fanclub, and memberships. Your fanclub can be customized completely by setting weekly and monthly subscription prices. Memberships can be given extra perks selected by you. ManyVids also allows you to create a storefront where you can sell physical items. Sell your panties, socks, merch, or just simply list “buy my coffee”. The options are endless. Set your base prices, shipping, and add-ons. List items and content for sale and as exclusives. Utilize the app even more by going live. ManyVids takes 30% of your income and has a minimum of $50 for a payout which is standard for NSFW platforms. They also give you access to analytics so you can easily track and adjust your strategies.


Chaturbate is a well-known live streaming platform for NSFW creators. Spending time on lives will allow you to build your audience. Create a profile and showcase your style. Link your socials as well as set a price for users to pay to unlock access to those links. Chaturbate allows you to utilize many apps and bots during your streams making it seamless to show your audience what options are available. Auto drop things link your wheels, roll the dice games, lush controls, and more. Get discovered through their explore page, keywords, and hashtags. Chaturbate takes 30% of your income and has a minimum of $50 for payouts.


When it comes to advertising your nsfw sites, Twitter is a great place to do it. Like every social media platform, it takes time to learn the rules. Finding the right hashtags and keywords that align with what you need to promote is fairly easy to do. Searching for things such as “onlyfans” will show you posts, people, and conversations related to the topic. Retweeting, likes, and comments are how you gain more reach on Twitter. I find it fairly easy to get people from other platforms to follow my Twitter, making it easier for me to promote other things to them as well. Get creative and be sure not to spam. Just like every app it’s about community, so like to get likes, retweet to get retweeted, and follow to get follows. 30minutes-1hour on Twitter a day is what I recommend for continued growth.


Snapchat has been used for selling and advertising content for a long time. The ability to post stories to the public or friends only has made it easy to reach your target audience. Where it gets good for sex workers is the ability to create private stories. When you create a private story it allows only the people you add to view and respond to your stories. With these “VIP” or “exclusive” Snapchat stories you can share spicy content and promos to a controlled audience. You can also charge for access to your private stories. By using apps like Cashapp you can also sell your content through messages. Snapchat is also great for its filters. Using the filters to make funny or relatable content can help break up your promos. Using Snapchat like other platforms and building a fan base can be very beneficial to your growth.

Utilizing Social Media For Promos

Having a social media presence can be very beneficial but also difficult. Putting yourself out there can bring you a lot of traffic to your spicy platforms. On the other hand, due to the negative stigma surrounding this line of work, it can also bring a lot of hate. If you are strong enough to ignore it and focus on promoting, you can generate a fan base quickly who will help you as you grow. Try not to overfill your plate so you are able to be active and engaging on your social media accounts. Twitter and Instagram seem to be the most lenient when it comes to sex work promos. I recommend being active on both of these platforms. Remember not to spam. Use these platforms not only for promoting your spicy accounts but also to show a BTS-style view of yourself. Show off some of your hobbies, passions, day-to-day stuff, etc. between your promos, and remember to be engaging.

How to be successful in virtual sex work

When you first get into this field of work it can be intimidating. Learning the rules and guidelines across platforms can be time-consuming and tedious. Here are some of my tips, tricks, and lessons learned throughout my 3 years in this industry.

The Rules

No Poaching! Do not go on other workers’ pages, groups, comments, etc., and self-promote.

No Kids or Animals! Do not discuss, show, or perform any acts with minors or animals. (common sense I know but you’d be surprised)

No Screenshooting/recording or resharing someone else’s content without permission.

Do not spam social media platforms with links or promos.

Do not scam members, subscribers, or clients.

Protect Your Content!!! Watermark your photos and videos. Especially anything sent via private message.

Starting Out

When you first start building your platform I recommend having at least 50 photos and 10 videos ready to post immediately. Having content on your profile already when you begin promoting will encourage more people to join or subscribe. If you’re on a site or app like Fambase, having this content ready to send to people for gifts or shares will save you a lot of time. Choose an eye-catching profile and cover photos that are within guidelines. Fill in your bio with information about what your style is and what your content contains. If you offer extra services, add that in there as well. Be creative!

Maximize Time and Content

A trick I learned along the way to maximize my content and time is recording videos instead of taking photos. Set your phone up and start recording. Pose, move, dance, being sure not to move too fast and pausing at times. When you are done recording go to your gallery and begin to play the video. Pause it and slid through the frames until you find those perfect pictures and take screenshots. You can also sections of the videos for promos and teasers. You can also use this technique with your spicy content. This method guarantees those perfect shots being captured as well as doubles your content.

Tools and Apps

Apps that I have found essential along the way have been ones such as Canva and Splice. Recently I’ve found CapCut to be useful too. Canva is great for just about anything. You can make flyers, menus, logos, and more. You can also edit photos and videos. The background remover for photos is one of my favorite features. It is free to download although I would recommend paying for the Pro version. Splice is a video editing app that does it all. With Splice, I can make high-quality content easily and quickly. Like Canva it is free to download but again I would recommend paying for the subscription. CapCut is another video editing tool with a lot of great features. My favorite is the short clip creator where it creates an eye catching short video for you, edited with effects. Other apps I’ve used for editing are Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram has great filters and stickers. With Snapchat being able to apply your snapcode on your photos and videos is perfect.

Think about the future

The end goal should not be to die a sex worker! When you start becoming successful remember to think about yourself outside of the field. This is another reason having a presence on social media can be beneficial. Having hobbies, passions, or other interests helps you set goals for the long term. Investing your money and your time into things like your education, stocks, property, etc. are just a few things to consider doing to set yourself up to be successful outside of sex work.

Financial Management

Have 2 bank accounts! Have your main account for your bills and day-to-day living expenses. Set up a second bank account for your spicy income and expenses. Go a step further by setting up a savings account. Manage your money carefully making sure to save around 30% of your profits. You will need this come tax time. Having separate bank accounts will also benefit you when filing your taxes. Tracking income and expenses as a small business separate from your personal stuff will make filling a lot easier and faster.

Take time to research what can and cannot be claimed as a business expense. Filing taxes for the first time as a small business can be intimidating. Be prepared to owe. This is why I recommended saving 30% of your profits. Knowing what can be claimed as a business expense and tracking everything closely can save you a lot of money. Quickbooks is a great app for tracking and managing income and expenses.

More Tips and Advice Coming Soon

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