Candle Colors

  • White- spirituality, peace, higher self, purity, substitution
  • Brown- home protection, animals, stability, family, maternal goods
  • Pink- romantic love, emotional healing, friendship, caring, nurturing, self love
  • Yellow- intelligence, learning, reason, focus, memory, joy, comfort, hope
  • Blue- communication, traveling, inspiration, calm, creativity, forgiveness
  • Silver- intuition, psychic dreams, femininity, the moon
  • Black- banishing, against, negativity, protection, binding
  • Red- vital energy, strength, passion, courage, fast action, lust, charisma
  • Orange- business success, justice, opportunity, celebration, ambition
  • Green- nature, physical healing, money, abundance, fertility, growth
  • Purple- influence, psychic, abilities, wisdom, authority, hidden knowledge
  • Gold- wealth, masculinity, luck, power, happiness, the sun
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